Excursions at Vilu Reef

Speedboat safaris

Vilureef Beach & Spa Resort is one of the 2 resorts in Dhaalu Atoll and it is rare to see other boats and tourist near the uninhabited Islands; the nearby reefs are in excellent condition and recovered completely after the Tsunami.

With the speedboat we organize the following safaris:

Dolphin Safari

When the weather is sweet the dolphins are cruising through the Atoll and can be spotted around Udhdhoo and Lohi or in the channel next to Velavaru.

Lazy bottlenose dolphins slide through the water of puffing and sighing, spraying water in fountains on the surface.

The smaller spinner dolphins are more active and find the speedboat a jolly distraction of their daily hunt for fish. They jump out of the water, spin around and let themselves fall in the water with a loud splash. Great entertainers when the speedboat comes along, jumping in front of the boat and surfing in the bow waves.

Turtle safari

Velavaru Tongue, Wella Giri and the reefs of Lohi and Udhdhoo Island are the main reefs where turtles can be discovered. The turtles feed on jellyfish and soft corals among other snacks.

The soft corals at Wella Giri and Lohi Island are numerous and once the turtles are eating any snorkeler won’t disturb them.

Snorkeling Safari

The snorkeling safari is a personalized, once in a lifetime experience!

We cruise different reefs depending on the weather and the currents.

Yuki reef, Azmee corner, the shallow reefs of Udhdhoo and Lohi Island offer the best variety of hard and soft corals.

On request we go to a sand bank where you can relax, walk around and take a plunge in the

turquoise blue lagoon.

Manta mobulas, tunas, fuseliers and turtles can be seen in the blue, while the jack fishes move through the crowded clouds of smaller reef fishes on the reefs.

Abundant reef fish, like golden basslets, angel and butterfly fishes, groupers, oriental sweetlips, jack fish and fuseliers are always present.

Local Island Safari

Experience the local life style in the Maldives, Meedhoo is 5 minutes and Bandidhoo only 14 minutes away from the resort and show off the natural way of living in the local village, inhabited by friendly Maldivian people.

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