Excursions at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

Speedboat safaris

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi has been the first resort operating in Noonu Atoll from August 2008 onwards and the reefs are unspoiled and in an extremely good condition. There is a manifold of uninhabited Islands with white sandy beaches and colorful barrier reefs.

With the speedboat we organize the following safaris:

Dolphin Safari

When the sea is calm the dolphins are cruising through the Atoll and can be spotted around Minaavaru Kurolhi, Magoodhoo and the channels around Manadhoo. With the speedboat we can come very close by the large groups of dolphins and often they come surfing in front of the boat, playing with the waves and leaping out of the water.

Great trip for some very special holiday pictures!

Manta Safari

Manta’s can be seen all year around in Noonu Atoll, we organize a half day trip to Laviani Atoll when the weather is good and the sea is calm. There are 2 famous spots to see the manta’s feeding at the surface.

North of resort at Huivani and Deefuram the plankton is directed by the current through the lagoons and the ideal spot for mantas to feed on the surface. Orimasfaru has a beautiful large lagoon where often mantas show up.

When you enter the water quietly you can snorkel with them and take some breathtaking videos with your camera, it is possible to rent a camera from the water sport centre or let one of the water sport team members take pictures from you with the mantas.

Turtle Safari

We are very lucky to have a turtle point, South West of the resort at the corner of Raafushi, especially with small groups everybody have a chance to see the turtles snap for air at the surface or swimming through the with soft coral overgrown overhangs at the reef.

Snorkeling Safari

The best choice to discover the pristine reefs of Noonu Atoll!

East of Kudafari are 3 Islands forming a triangle; Kuredhivaru, Maafunafaru and Kendhifaru. The reefs on the east side of the Islands are very healthy and rich of a variety of hard corals.

For short trips we go to Dhigurah where stunning hard and soft corals light up the reef, often dolphins can be spotted close to the reef.

On request we go to a sand bank where you can relax, walk around and take a plunge in the

turquoise blue lagoon.

Abundant reef fish, like golden basslets, angel and butterfly fishes, groupers, oriental sweetlips, jack fish and fuseliers are always present

Local Island Safari

Experience the local life style in the Maldives, Holhudhoo is only 17 minutes way from the resort, a picturesque village inhabited by friendly Maldivian people.

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